Cost effective, safe and stylish.​​

If you’re new to expat living, buying an apartment in North Cyprus, makes complete sense. Apartments are cost effective to buy, they are easy to maintain, they are safe, and usually come with a whole load of facilities.


Living on the next level.​

If you’re thinking of buying a new home in North Cyprus, you should consider bungalow living. Bungalows are incredibly popular because they’re great for seniors, safe for kids, they are usually open plan and are desirable on the reseller’s market.


A shared community lifestyle.​

If you’re small family, or if you’re a couple looking for a little extra room, consider a townhouse. Townhouses are popular option. Most houses are cost effective compared to villas, and usually have a ready-made community and communal facilities.


The ultimate private paradise.​

Looking for an exclusive and comfortable lifestyle? Consider a villa. Villas are a symbol of luxury and an exclusive lifestyle. Life in a villa provides the ability to live your life your own way.